Crack Testing cylinder heads, crankshafts and conrods in Melbourne.

Crack testing is often an overlooked area in reconditioning an engine. Throughout the industry it’s a standard procedure when doing a cylinder head, but is often missed as far as other engine parts are concerned .

Consider your engine that’s using oil and lacking power. The number of cycles your engine has done to get to this stage is in the millions. During this time it’s inevitable things have gone wrong, ranging from overheating, bad fuel which causes detonation, sensors failing, and the list goes on. Sometimes there are consequences of these failures which put extraordinary loads on your crankshaft and conrods. If this is missed there are serious consequences.

That is why we always recommend crack testing used crankshafts and conrods while your engine is already stripped down and being assessed for a crack in the cylinder head. This provides considerable piece of mind with at a very low cost.