Our crankshaft balancing machine is a Schenk solid bearing, with digital readout

Our crankshaft balancing machine is a Schenk Solid Bearing, with digital readout

Using a Schenk Crankshaft Balancing Machine tolerances are extremely tight giving you a perfect result.

In most cases we balance the crankshaft first, then add the front pulley and flywheel, balance them, and finally bolt the clutch on and balance it. This means that if at any time down the track, a pulley, flywheel, or clutch need to be replaced, it can be balanced on its own and not upset the assy’s balance.

crankshaft being balanced in melbourne

bobweights being fitted to a 347 crank


The finish on your crankshafts journals is extremely important for long bearing life and reliability. In high revving engines there is only a thin film of oil between the surfaces and, at times, it’s possible there will momentarily be no oil and if those journals are not good enough, you will start scuffing the bearing and from there, it’s the beginning of the end.

Even a new crankshaft can require polishing, so watch out for that one.