Duggan Balancing have over 40 years experience repairing and building automotive tailshafts, making us Melbourne’s most experienced tailshaft  reconditioning companies.

We offer a full repair service for both aluminium and steel tailshafts and their components for cars boats and light trucks, including centre bearing repairs and replacements, as well as universal, cv or constant velocity joint replacement and repairs, we only install quality tailshaft parts like Hardy Spicer.

We custom build tailshafts for high performance cars or high horsepower engines and race cars using  Chrome Moly parts where possible,  as well as modify tailshafts to suit differential and gearbox conversions by changing yokes, splines, flanges, and shorten, extend, straighten or retube your tailshaft.

It is important after manufacturing a new or repairing a used tailshaft that you properly balance your tail shaft which we also do.

Call Duggan Balancing for a quote to repair or build a new tailshaft today.