If you need machining done to your Flywheel, we can do it!

Need to fit a different pressure plate , we can do it!

Surface grinding or machining, ready for that new clutch plate

Flywheel Machining to  Lighten – To help get that quick throttle response

Replace a worn ring gear.

Drill and tapping – required to fit a different bolt pattern pressure plate, a job that needs precision, or a disaster awaits

Match balancing – had your counterweighted  flywheel previously balanced as part of your crank assembly balance job, and have to change the flywheel for some reason, no problem. We can match  balance the new wheel to the old one , without the crank.

Same thing applies to your Harmonic Balancer which often fail, but the good news is, we can also match balance them.

Balancing a newly replaced pressure plate on your flywheel is a must . This assembly can be a long way out of balance due to the inaccuracy of the bolt holes in the pressure plate housing.


If you are in need of flywheel balancing or machining let us share our experience and expertise to ensure you get the best job possible.

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