Our company has been in business for over 45 years. We have a wealth of experience with all facets of engine reconditioning and driveshaft repairs and modification for street and off road applications. Duggan Balancing has been synonymous with racing since Frank Duggan, Duggan Balancing Founder, commenced balancing and dynoing engines for Allan Moffat, Norm Beechey and Bob Jane.

Frank Duggan was a pioneer designing  fuel injection manifolds to suit SBC, Ford V8, Holden V8 and Holden 6 (Holden fuel injection manifolds were not available anywhere in the world at the time), and also made all the other components to get a mechanical fuel injection system functional at a time when these were not available in Australia. He employed Paul Wilson (Racer Pro) at this time to make the patterns for all the aluminium castings required.

Soon after Frank  designed and made the Holden 6 head, his first of a number of cylinder heads. Not long after, the SBC head was made, followed by a Chev 4 cylinder complete alloy engine for speedway, Chev 6 cyl head and block and Holden v8 heads and inlet manifold. All of these projects were hugely successfull.