Piston and conrod balancing Melbourne

Balancing your pistons and conrods is part of the balancing package. Even a standard every day driver can benefit from Balancing.

Balancing is a must when reconditioning a V8 or V6 as new pistons and/or conrods can vary greatly in weight, from one brand to another, and the crank assembly  balance is dependent on the weight of the conrods and pistons. Therefore when an engine is reconditioned and the new pistons and conrods vary in weight from the original components, the crankshaft will no longer be in balance.

We use quality digital scales and frictionless supports to balance the two ends of the conrods.

It takes experience to know where and how much material can be safely removed from these pieces. Sometimes it’s better to leave a  variation in weights than to remove material off a component, and in doing so, weaken it. When its not possible remove enough material, without compromising its structural integrity, we match the rods to the pistons to create the best balance result. Our expert judgement and extra care in this area can make a big difference to performance and can save you a fortune by preventing mechanical failure.

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