cylinder block honing

cylinder block honing

Cylinder honing in Melbourne

At Duggan Balancing we finish our bores on a Sunnen honing machine. There is no better machine.

Having a round  parallel bore with the appropriate finish is a must for long engine life and good ring seal.

We use torque plates whenever possible when honing your cylinder block. This stresses the cylinders to reproduce having a head bolted to the block whilst honing.

We take pride in our bore sizing consistency and finish, which will enable you to achieve maximum life and performance from your engine.

Without the proper bore cleaning all the good work can come undone. This is why we meticulously clean every block so that you can take your block home, fit it on the engine stand, and your ready to start assembling.

We see many blocks that have acceptable size and finish, but still fume. Our state of the art equipment and industry best technicians ensure that this will not happen when you have your block prepared at Duggan Balancing.

If you want the best job, every time, call us today and let us take the guesswork out of improving the performance of your engine